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I have seen very few new condos come up for sale here in Juno Beach. With season in full swing inventory levels remain sparse and sellers are just not budging on their asking prices. Why should they as there are so few condos for sale buyers have few options to chose from. Even the single family homes here in Juno Beach are bring steep prices. The standing joke is if I moved that house from Juno Beach almost anywhere else and instead of $600,000 it would be $200,000 to buy. The land along Ocean Drive is commanding $500,000 for lot values.

Juno Beach condos

Today I saw two new listings hit the market in two of my favorite buildings, Ocean Royale and The Surf in Juno Beach. This is the first new listings I have seen in nearly a month. In Ocean Royale they listed a NE corner condo on the second floor for 1.6 million. The last sale earlier this year for a similar unit was $900,000. Call me crazy but even with no inventory for sale no one is going to pay an 80% premium over the last sale. A big waste of time for this seller and the agent who listed it. The Surf condo which is located at 900 Ocean Drive on the 4th floor was listed at $575,000 and was recently remodeled. The present owner bought it in 2011 for $335,000. This is a 1970's building that sits on the beach. Great views and perfect location. One of my favorite so called beach condos. Nothing fancy. I'm interested to see what this condo sells for. My guess $535,000 or lower. Even I can be surprised! This covers the two new listings for  Juno Beach condos this week.

More Juno Beach Condos for Sale

Picking an area when buying a beachfront condo can be quite confusing. I always tell my buyers remember what's outside your door. Your not going to sit in your condo all day and stare at the ocean even though you may think that before buying. I know I'll sit on the porch and drink Rum Runners and watch the girls in bikinis walk by. Yes, you will have to leave that patio and shop, go to dinner and whatever else you want to do when you are here. Drive around the community and see if it has everything you need. I can tell you about the area, the beaches but you are the decision maker who will have to satisfy your needs.

I see many different condos and everyone has unique characteristics and quirks about them. You won't find all the items on your wish list but keep the most important ones at the top. It is easier to say items you can't live with then items you can. A washer /dryer in the condo may be a dal breaker no matter how nice the view or the condo. Once we spend some time together I can direct you to condos that may work for you even if there are none on the market. 

Selling or Buying condos in Juno Beach

Let me help you buy or sell that Juno Beach condo. Our expert advice and years of experience will help you make a sound decision. Looking at condos online is great but until you visit the condos and see them in person you will miss things that you may have never seen.  Call us and we can send you beach condos that will fit your needs. Maybe we can find you a condo way below your budget. Call the Juno Beach condo experts today.

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