Jupiter Real Estate

I attached both a graph and a list of Jupiter real estate information for the town of Jupiter above. It's broken down into single family homes and condos/townhouse communities. The graph goes back to 2008 with the red line being Jupiter and the blue line representing the rest of our MLS listings. You quickly notice that Jupiter prices for single family homes are nearly double the average of  our  MLS while condos/townhouse are about 25% higher.  This goes back to the changing demographics of Jupiter as more full time residents are calling Jupiter home. We continue to see many new corporate companies coming to the North end of the County driving up demand for single family homes for families relocating. Our excellent Jupiter…

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December Jupiter Real Estate Market Report

Let's look at our market and see what happened in 2019. Every market is local and unique and no matter if you are in Boca Raton, Jupiter or Hutchinson Island each has different challenges and market conditions. Affordability and Inventory continue to be our two biggest challenges over the past year. This isn't just here but in many parts of the country where buyers are migrating to. As far as affordability, builders aren't building lower priced homes. They are building more expensive and profitable homes. This in turn is raising the price of used homes to levels near or past the 2006 Boom. Don't expect a crash or correction here anytime soon or in the future. The sheer number of people moving to Florida is…

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Jupiter Real Estate 2019

Below you will see the year to year Market Report for Palm Beach County. You will notice prices are up, inventory is down and sales for single family homes is up but condos/townhouses are down. It goes back to more and more people are moving here and calling Florida their primary residence which is driving up demand and prices for single family homes. Most of the condos and townhouses are just to small or have upstairs bedrooms which is another deterrent for buyers in their mid 50's who are thinking long term. I continue to emphasis the value along the beach of the Bluffs single family homes. Even though they have increased dramatically in value they offer what many buyers are looking for. Single level, reasonable sq. footage…

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Home Repair | When to Bring in a Professional

Jupiter Fl Home Repairs


No matter how confident you are with a hammer, it's sometimes best to get a professional to handle our home repairs. Not only can it be the safest option, but it could save you money down the line. Here are a few of the jobs you should hire a contractor for.


Toxin Removal


Unfortunately, many older homes are made with materials we now know to be dangerous. Lead paint and asbestos were popular until relatively recently. They are both incredibly dangerous, and require a professional to address them. There are regulations and government guidelines they need to follow to ensure the process is safely managed. They also have access to necessary safety equipment.…

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  Jupiter- Singer Island - Hutchinson Island- Boca Raton - Highland Beach Condo Market Report

I pulled the year over year data from our MLS on several different areas to try and see any trends and reflect what the numbers are saying and how they compare to what's happening in the market.   Boca Raton condos showed little change in the number of active, new listings,under contract and sold listings from last year but we did see a 17% rise in sales volume and a 14% rise in sales prices. Basically more condos sold for more money this year than last year. Boca Raton has a mixture of ocean condos and non-ocean condos so the sales prices could have been pushed higher by rising prices in non-ocean condos. Average sales prices for Boca…

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Jupiter Homes & Condos


I want to congratulate Brad & Renee Dunnington on their purchase in Ocean Trail 300. They will be enjoying one terrific view of the beach, ocean and Inlet. Laura Berger also purchased a nice investment property in Little Club which is a well kept secret for affordable Florida living. Two bedroom condos just over $100,000. Welcome to our Jupiter Homes & Condos Report.

As we enter 2019 I continue to watch the market, talk to agents and get a general feel of market conditions. More news avenues are predicting a slowing in the housing market which has seen some rapid appreciation in the past few years. I'm starting to see more buyers coming from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Boca. They are moving North here to the Jupiter area.…

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Best Things I Like About Living in Jupiter Florida

I've been living in Jupiter since 1997 when I moved here from Boca Raton which I had lived in since 1979. The reason I moved out of Boca Raton Fl was the town was becoming to busy and the quaint little beach town was no more.  Before moving to Jupiter I had looked at several other places up coast but stopped back in Jupiter on Memorial Day weekend. It had been years since I visited Jupiter but after seeing other parts of Florida I decided to move here. The best things I like about living in Jupiter Florida is it reminded me of the way Boca Raton was when I first moved there. It was still a quiet little beach town but had nice amenities and you were still close to airports, attractions and my friends…

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August Real Estate Newsletter


Real Estate Market

This week we saw just 22 new listings come to market which can be expected for this time of year. Mid August till October 1st is a very quiet time for home sales everywhere. We actually saw more price changes (27) than new listings. I have been saying agents are overpricing properties. Many agents will give you a pie in the sky listing price to get you to sign their listing agreement only to come back and badger you for continual price reductions. Sellers are not being educated by their agents and believe just because inventory levels are low that prices and demand are stronger than they actually may be. Unless you have a very specific and special property buyers are spending more time looking…

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