Price changes of homes in Jupiter Florida

Buyer's are shopping for homes here in Florida and I decided to write a quick blog and list price changes of homes in Jupiter Florida.

It's a great tool to see which properties are having price reductions and to maybe track the property in hopes of getting a good deal as you watch the prices. Sometimes it means a more motivated seller and they aren't getting the response they wanted at their present price. It's a good opportunity to pickup a property and hopefully it's one that fits your needs and budget. Its like getting a property on sale. It also attracts more buyers who are notified of this price reduction and hopefully gets several buyers interested.

As homes in Jupiter sit on the market Jupiter real…

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Homes for Sale in Jupiter Florida

Today was the first day out this week in my search for homes for sale in Jupiter Florida. Not a very exciting day of looking at properties for sale in Jupiter Florida. 

The inventory choices have vastly improved as far as number of homes for sale but the quality of what I saw was disappointing. No matter what property I saw I just started calculating the money I would invest to make it suitable to my taste. The biggest caveat I saw were how many old windows are in the places I showed today. First thing that needs replacing is the old windows that don't stay open and are quite flimsy compared to newer hurricane windows.

I saw everything from condos built in the 80's with original kitchens and baths to just…

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Jupiter Florida Real Estate Market Reports


Inventory continues to grow as we hit 38,626 homes for sale today in our MLS up from 30,000 on October 1 and our low last year of 19,000. Inventory has doubled which is great news for buyers but the higher interest rates and carrying costs have put continuing pressure on slowing home sales. Here in Jupiter inventory continues to grow at 564 homes for sale and 135 of them are beach properties which are mostly condos. 17 are priced under $500,000 and 54 under $650,000, yet we have 30 homes/condos priced over a million.See our Jupiter Florida real estate market reports below.


Reading the real estate graphs above doesn't really portray a picture of what is happening in the Jupiter Fl real estate…

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