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If there is one thing that differentiates a home from any other home this may be it. Waterfront homes always seem to come back strongest after any real estate bust. Buyers see great opportunities to buy undervalued waterfront homes and the scare supply of them drives prices back quicker then your average single family home. Even oceanfront condos don't seem to bounce back as quickly as waterfront properties.

Boaters are constantly looking to dock their boats out in their back yard. One it makes easy use of your boat, you'll use it more often. Two with dockage becoming more difficult to find and more expensive you save quite a bundle by docking your boat out back. It used to be a fixed bridge would kill the…

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Jupiter Home Report

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This week we saw home sales in Jupiter drop to 57 homes from 73 last week. This can be expected as summer continues and we should see a few weeks more of home sales in the 50-60 range as school is starting in about a month. Anyone looking to move here for school should be closing in the next several weeks. Rentals remain strong for single family homes as buyers may not be finding the exact home so they have decided to rent until they find that perfect home. The average single family 3-4 bedroom home is bring $3,000 per month plus or minus maybe 10% and there just aren't many available.

This week I spent looking at homes in communities such as Evergrene, Paseos,…

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Jupiter Home Report

 Welcome to our Newsletter

This week we continue to see strong sales in the Jupiter market. Home sales for the week were flat with 73 homes closing compared to last weeks 73. You will notice how many waterfront homes are selling. They are all in the million dollar mark plus with several selling at 2 -3 million.

This market continues to be strong. The biggest selling market again this week was $200 to $400,000 range. Most of the homes are low $300,000 and pushing upwards to $400,000. There are still many condos and townhomes selling in the mid $250,000 range. Your not getting oceanfront but the typical Abacoa townhomes are fetching $250,000 which were selling last year as low as $195,000 for bank owned townhomes that needed…

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