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Jupiter Island Condos

Jupiter Island is known for expensive homes and quiet lifestyles of some very wealthy families. There's more to just homes  while you can see Jupiter Island condos and still live on the island.The south end of Jupiter Island has the small beachside town of Jupiter Inlet Colony. This older community is much like old Florida with quiet little streets and walkways to the beach. Several homes sit on the Intracoastal and the Jupiter Inlet and a few have oceanfront homesites. Beach lovers will enjoy your near private beach and quaint little streets inside this beachfront community. You will notice condos along the south end of Jupiter Island and the narrow strip where it seems like the Intracoastal will meet the ocean. The premier

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Juno Beach Condos


Juno Beach Oceanfront Condos


Juno Beach is a small beachside community of condos and homes between US 1 & A1A. Sitting around Lake Pelican. Juno Beach has the small town feel and almost private beaches. Enjoy walks along your private beach. Just a short walk down to Juno Beach Pier. Juno Beach is the ultimate beachlovers paradise. The newest building is the Ocean Royale. Check out Beachfront and Waterfront for a luxury living on the beach. Like laid back beach style condos try the Surf or Brigadoon condo. Both are 70's style condos with great views and are two of my favorites. Visit Pelican Walk for a near home feel or Cote De La Mer a three story townhome with some directly on the…

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Jupiter Condos for Sale

Imagine waking up each morning on the beach and seeing the sunrise come up over the Atlantic ocean. You could be doing this in any of the Jupiter oceanfront condos you may find on our website. No matter if it is Jupiter, Juno Beach or Jupiter island condos one area will be right for you. Each area features different feels and different views. Juno beach condos sit right on the sand and feature a near private beach which will allow quiet walks along the beach. With very few choices and a limited supply of condos in Juno Beach you will see the prices in Juno Beach a bit higher than Jupiter.

Jupiter Ocean Condos

The oceanfront condos in Jupiter sit across the street from the beach except for the 4 condos of Ocean Trail…

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 Jupiter Island Oceanfront Condos

Live on exclusive Jupiter Island for less than you might think. Many buyers think of Jupiter Island and all they think of is the expense of living on this prestigious address. Jupiter Island condos are much more affordable than you may think. Sure there are several condos that are approaching the two million dollar mark or higher but you can find an older direct oceanfront condo starting in the mid $400's. You get the same spectacular ocean views but will give up some space and features some of the newer ocean condos have. The lower priced condos will give you 1,200 sq. ft with 2 bed/2 baths and maybe in need of a remodel. If you don't need 3,000 sq. ft we can find you an affordable oceanfront condo on Jupiter…

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Buying a Jupiter Oceanfront Condo

With supply down to record lows we have seen prices escalate for oceanfront condos in Jupiter. Many condos have no listings for sale while others may have just one or two units for sale. If it is a good location in the condo most likely it will sell rather quickly. What is selling and what isn't selling? If you don't have an ocean view you will find it difficult to sell no matter what the price. Original condition units in need of major upgrades are also a bit more difficult to sell. Most buyers are buying an oceanfront condo because they want a view and they don't want to do complete remodels.

Buying Jupiter oceanfront condo tips

What to look for when buying an oceanfront condo. It may sound very stupid but by…

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Best Deals on Jupiter Island

This week I spent quite some time showing condos on Jupiter Island and usually many of the condos are old, dated and in need of an enormous amount of upgrades. To my surprise I did see some very nice oceanfront condos this week. My first stop was Tequesta Towers at 400 Beach Rd on Jupiter Island. Built back in the early 70's Tequesta Towers are very similar to Ocean Towers North and South, both Divosta built condos. They are located at 100 and 200 Beach Rd just as you enter the island.

Ocean Towers South consists of 4 condos per floor and about 1,700 to 1,800 sq. ft under air. The 01 and o4 units are the corners which offer extra windows and beautiful views both East and to the North or South. The condos don't offer many…

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Inventory low for Juno Beach Condos

The buying season is here for beachfront properties as the season comes into full swing. Juno Beach condos are at the lowest inventory level I can remember in 10 plus years. With only  afew condos under $400,000 for sale and between $400k and a million we may have a dozen ocean condos for sale. Above a million we may have 3 condos for sale. As you can see inventory choices may make buying this year much more diffficult than past years. What should you do if you are a potential buyer and just can't find a condo you want here in Juno Beach. An option may be Singer Island or Jupiter Island where the condos sit on the sand as well. This will open up more opportunities for you but both places are quite different from…

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Condos in Jupiter Island

Jupiter Island Condos

What makes Jupiter Island such a disirable place to call home and why do so many rich and famous live on the island? The island runs about 20 miles from the Jupiter Inlet past Bridge Rd up to the Stuart Inlet just across from Sailfish Point, another popular high end country club community in Stuart Fl. The South end of Jupiter Island has a small community of beach homes called Jupiter Inlet Colony which features a unique old Florida charm with oceanfront homes as well as Intracoastal homes. Of course there are the dry lot homes which are also very nice. The community is very old and many homes have ben torn down and replaced. The rest of the island which is very narrow and has only Beach Rd running through the middle of the…

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Jupiter Yacht Club Condos for sale

Jupiter Yacht Club has just 5 active listings with 6 condos under contract awaiting closing. Four of the five are listed at over 1 million and the highest asking price is $1,969,000. Of the 8 sales over the last year 5 have been over a million. I went back to 2006 to see what the average condo sold for in the Yacht Club. I picked a Penthouse non corner unit which sold for $1,225,000. With today’s selling prices you can see we are rapidly approaching the peak we reached at the high market times. In fact in a few corner units we are seeing prices at the peak 2006 prices.  They just sold a Penthouse Jupiter Yacht Club corner for the same sales price as 2006. How will future prices be affected in the next few years? We…

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Jupiter Oceanfront Condos 

I did some data collection on sales in Jupiter Ocean Grande and you will be quite surprised of the results. There are just 5 condos active in the JOG and 4 of the 5 are 3rd and 4th floor condos. Lower floors are always much more difficult to sell. We saw two sales break the million dollar mark in the past 6 months with one just shy of $1.1 million.  One of the condos sold at nearly the same price as it did it 2007 when prices weren’t far below the bubble market. The highest sales in here were just over $1.2 million at the peak in 2005/2006. We are rapidly approaching those prices again. The difference is they are not investors buying the properties but homeowners so we should not see a collapse as we did in 2006. The other key…

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