Greenwich in Abacoa

The community of Greenwich was first built as affordable housing in Abacoa with a stipulation for the first 5 years you could not sell the home for a profit. The three story townhomes are similar to Antigua in style and size. Some are setup for live/work with either an office or third bedroom on ground floor. The second floor has the living area and kitchen with two bedrooms on the third floor. Very popular is the 2 car garage. They also feature upgraded cabinets and counters unlike some of the earlier Abacoa homes that were built at that time in 2005.

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Jupiter Abacoa Townhomes

Located just East of Military Trail this community has a pool area and is surrounded by commercial businesses with shops and restaurants. To the East of Greenwich is the Abacoa community of Newhaven which is one of the earliest Abacoa communities and very popular among families. One of  Jupiter's most popular elementary schools are walking distance from Newhaven. Greenwich in Abacoa has increased in popularity as the other communities in Abacoa have risen in price.  I can help you find the perfect Abacoa home no matter which community and what type of home you may be looking for. 


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