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View our gallery of featured oceanfront condos in Jupiter. At any time you can browse listings for Jupiter oceanfront condos, or return to the main Jupiter page. Start looking at beachfront condos here in Jupiter, see exterior photos of each condo as well as age of the condos and the sizes of the condos. It gives you a quick glimpse of each condo and what units are for sale as well as recent solds.



2bd/2ba -1,500 sq. ft

3bd/2.5ba - 2,400 sq. ft

Built 1985

Gated Oceanfront Condo

Beachcomber for Sale


Bella Vista

2bd/2ba - 1,100 & 1,400

3bd/3ba - 1,800 sq. ft

Built 1984-1990

Bella Vista for Sale


Bluffs Marina

2bd/2ba - 1,385 sq. ft

Built 1986

Intracoastal Condos

Marina views

Bluffs Marina for Sale


Bluffs Ocean South

2Bd/2Ba -1,385 sq. ft

Built -1986

Gated Oceanfront

Bluffs Ocean South Condos for Sale



2bd/2ba - 1,460 sq.ft

3bd/2.5ba - 1,892 sq.ft

Built 1985

Oceanfront Condo

Corinthian's for Sale



2bd/2ba-1,195 sq.ft

with loft - 1,350 sq.ft

3bd/2.5ba - 1,610 sq.ft

Gated golf community

Walk to beach

Estuary for Sale


Jupiter by the Sea

2bd/2ba plus den - 2,200 sq. ft

Built 1995

Gated Oceanfront

Jupiter by the Sea for Sale


Jupiter 1

2bd/2.5ba - 1,708 sq. ft

Built 1981

Walk to Beach

Large dogs ok

Jupiter 1 for Sale


Jupiter Bay

1bd/1ba - 900 sq. ft

2bd/2ba - 1,056 sq. ft

Built 1984

Great Rentals

Jupiter Bay for Sale


Jupiter Cove Condos



Jupiter Cove

2bd/2ba - 1,300 to 1,500 sq. ft

Built 1979

Intracoastal Views

Boat Dockage Available




Jupiter Cove for Sale



Jupiter Dunes

2bd/2ba -1,280 to 1,900 sq. ft

Built 1980

Golf community

Walk to Beach

Jupiter Dunes Condos for Sale




Jupiter Harbour


2bd/2ba - 1,440 sq. ft

3bd/2.5ba - 1,828 sq. ft


3bd/2.5ba - 1,631 to 3,000 sq. ft

Boat Dockage



Jupiter Harbour for Sale


Jupiter Inlet Condos

2bd/2ba - 1,063 sq. ft

Built 1972-1979

55 + Community

Sits on Intracoastal

Jupiter Inlet for Sale


Jupiter Inlet Cove

Jupiter Inlet Cove


Jupiter Inlet Cove

2Bd/2Ba - 1,752 sq. ft

3Bd/2Ba - 2,000 sq. ft

Intracoastal Views

Boat Dockage to 35 Ft.

Private 6 Unit Community




Jupiter Ocean & Racquet

1bd/1ba - 740 sq. ft

1bd/1.5ba - 860 sq. ft

2bd/2ba - 1,150 to 1,500 sq. ft

3bd/ 3ba - 2,000

Walk to Beach

Great Rentals

JORC for Sale


Jupiter Ocean Grande condos

Jupiter Ocean Grande

3bd/2.5ba - 2000 to 3,000 sq. ft

Built 2001

Gated Oceanfront

Jupiter's Premier Residence

Large Pets Allowed

View Jupiter Ocean Grande for Sale


Jupiter Yacht Club Condos


Jupiter Yacht Club

3bd/3ba - 1,900 to 3,000 sq. ft

Built 2003 to 2006

Gated Direct Intracoastal

Boat Dockage to 65'

Large Pets Allowed

Jupiter yacht Club for Sale



2bd/2ba - 1,306 to 1,485 sq. ft

3bd/2ba - 1,850 sq. ft

Built 1982

Oceanfront Condo

Oceancrest for Sale


Oceanside Terrace

2bd/2ba - 1,100 sq. ft

Built 1982

Gated beachside

Walk to beach

Oceanside Terrace for Sale




Ocean Club

2bd/2ba -1,340 to 1,455 sq. ft

3bd/2ba - 1,696 sq. ft

3bd/2.5ba Townhome -3,200 sq. ft

Built 1994

Gated Oceanfront

Ocean Club for Sale


Ocean Cove

2bd/2.5ba - 1,285 sq. ft

Built 1982

Walk to Beach

Ocean Cove for Sale


Ocean Parks

2bd/2ba - 1,240 to 1,520 sq. ft

3bd/3ba - 1,692 to 2,036 sq. ft

Built 1973 to 1983

Walk to Beach

Ocean Parks for Sale


Ocean Trail

2bd/2ba - 1,170 t0 1,270 sq. ft

Built 1978

Gated direct Oceanfront

Sits on the sand

Ocean Trail for Sale



Sea Brook

2bd/2.5 ba - 1,250 sq. ft

3bd/2.5ba - 1,620 sq. ft

Built 1978

Gated Beachside Community

Walkway to beach

No Pool

Sea Brook for Sale



Sea Colony

2bd/2.5ba- 1,230 to 1,822 sq. ft

SFH- 3bd/2.5ba - 1,743 to 2,066 sq. ft

Built 1989

Gated Oceanfront Community

Large Pets Allowed

Townhomes & Single Family

Sea Colony for Sale






Tierra Del Sol

3 bed/3 .5 bath

3,000 sq. ft - 3 floors

Built 2009



Tierra Del Sol for Sale  





Via Del Mar

2 bed & 3 bedroom homes


Walk to Beach!

Via Del Mar for Sale  


Villas of Ocean Dunes

2bd/2.5ba - 1,284 to 1,700 sq. ft

3bd/2.5ba - 1,893 sq. ft

Built 1984 to 1988

Gated Community

Ocean Dunes for Sale


Villas on the Green

2bd/2ba - 1,100 sq. ft

3bd/2ba - 1,315 to 1,500 sq. ft

Built 1979

Walk to Beach

Villas on the Green for Sale



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Buying a beachfront condo or townhome can be challenging. With so many questions to be answered including where do I start? Which town is best for me? We have 35 years of living in different parts of South Florida so we have a good feel for each area and how they differ. Buying a Florida condo or home is a large expense so getting the proper guidance is essential.  Remember why some of the new communities are gated. It's the areas outside them that they don't want in. Many developers are building condos in sketchy areas due to land costs so they put a beautiful gate at the entrance to your community. It makes you feel secure but you have to shop, dine and live outside those gates so take a good look and see what is around your community.

We'd love to help you find a beachfront condo in Jupiter, or any of the surrounding communities. Please don't hesitate to email or call Jim at 1-561-744-7025 for assistance.

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