What does $300,000 buy in Jupiter 

So what does $300,000 buy you in todays real estate market. Will it buy you an oceanfront condo in Jupiter? Will it buy you a single family home here. Lets start off and see what $200,000 buys you in the way of a condo here in Jupiter near the beach. Of course if you head inland a bit you dollar will go  a bit further but you want a vacation home that is near the beach. Thats the reason your coming to Florida isn't it. The sand, the surf and the warm weather are what is bringing you here.  Spend a few minutes and see what it buys today.  

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Jupiter Beach Condos < $200,000

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After looking at the photos of what $200,000 buys you in Jupiter Florida what are your thoughts? Is this what you were expecting? Remember you are in most cases less than 1/2 mile to the beach and several communities you are walking distance to the beach. Where can you buy a condo that close to the beach in a beautiful community for less than $200,000. It may not be enough space for you or quite as fancy but it is a great place to live. Start searching for ocean condos in Jupiter today.

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